Thursday, October 11, 2007


I know I promised an ALCS preview, but apparently my college professors don't appreciate the fine art of blogging. So this week it came down to blogging or meeting a deadline for my thesis project. Hmmm.... I'm always disappointed when I can't cover a Tribe event, but I'd rather not rush it and end up with something that stinks.

I did find a nifty story (in the Washington Post, no less) on some former Jon Hart protegés. I'm as big a fan of Cleveland's front office as I am of the players (yes, I'm a baseball nerd), so I think it's kinda cool that three of the four remaining playoff GMs, Dan O'Dowd (Colorado), Josh Byrnes (Arizona), and Mark Shapiro, all got their start under Hart in Cleveland. Each team tends to follow the home-grown, youth movement technique that many small-market teams thrive on. I'll take a closer look at this trend in the off-season.

Game 1 is on Friday, so LET'S GO, TRIBE!

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