Monday, October 8, 2007


Just when it looked like New York might have regained their footing in the series, the Tribe dropped the hammer. Game 3 and all its quirks aside, the Tribe simply dominated the competition en route to its first ALCS berth since 1998.

Grady Sizemore and Jhonny Peralta led a devastating offense, Fausto Carmona and Raffy Perez single handily won Game 2, and the Cobra dealt the fatal blow in Game 4.

Seriously, Paul Byrd is a maniac. In a good way, though.

Wedgie made some mistakes in his first playoff series, but did a brilliant job compared to Joe Torre. Yes, Eric Wedge out-managed Joe Torre in the ALDS and it may have been one of the deciding factors of the series.

And of course, Borowski saved the best for last, nearly giving an entire fanbase a heart attack in the process. Hey, no complaints here; whatever it takes.

It looks like great pitching really does beat great hitting, as the best of the Tribe's pitching staff shut down the dreaded Yankee offense. Run support won't be so easy to come by in the next round though. Boston has the only pitching staff capable of matching Cleveland's top-to-bottom. What do you get when you combine two of the best pitching staffs with two of the best lineups in baseball? One hell of a series. Hold on Tribe fans, this should be fun.

Until the fateful series, this Cleveland team bows to no one. Not even the Evil Empire.

I'll take a look back at the ALDS and look ahead to Beantown in this week's posts, so check back before the ALCS for more Tribe Time.


Ron Vallo said...

Beautiful picture, that second one.

Been on the opposite end of that too many times. I'm a former Clevelander living in New York and have received my share of taunting at the Stadium.

Not even a Yankee fan would give a kid that small a hard time. They just had to sit by and watch. The look on the guy's face to the right and just behind the kid is priceless.

Brian said...

I agree, that's one of my favorite shots from this season. I thought it was really cool how the photographer got Byrd framed between the two players and right below the kid.