Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Regular Season Predictions for 2007

Well, I started a blog...unfortunately I don't have much time to update it the next couple weeks, but no worries. No audience, no pay, no problem, eh?

These predictions always seem to reinforce the fact that I either have no idea what I'm doing or baseball is unpredictable. Let's assume the latter.

I actually came up with these before the season started, but never got around to posting them.

Official Pre-Season Picks: 2007

AL East: NYY, Bos, Tor, Bal, TB
AL Central:
Cle, Det, Minn, Chi, KC
AL West: LA, Oak, Texas, Sea
Wild Card: Boston

NL East: NYM, Phil, Fl, Atl, Was
NL Central: Chi, Cin, Mil, St. Louis, Hous, Pitt
NL West: LA, Ari, SD, Col, SF
Wild Card: Arizona

I'd say the most difficult division to call was the NL Central. If I had any balls I would have picked Milwaukee to win the division, but those darn Cubs are so shiny and expensive; too tempting to pass over. I would be shocked if St. Louis even makes the postseason soley based on the state of their pitching staff.

Arizona is my darkhorse to make the playoffs, but I think it'll come down to the last week between Arizona and San Diego for that last spot.

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